Amar Doshi

Amar recently joined Natural Capital Economics and brings 10 years of experience in natural resource and regulatory economics across research, academia, and the public sector.

Amar’s experience has involved multi-disciplinary and multinational projects in non-market valuation of recreational activities, financial feasibility of aquaculture industries, and developing policy recommendations for maximising the economic value of natural resources in Australia and Southeast Asia. Amar also has regulatory economics experience, including with the Queensland Competition Authority, where he managed compliance of declared monopoly infrastructure with the State’s regulatory legislation.

Amar completed his PhD in 2017, with a thesis on an economic assessment of microalgae biofuels in Australia. His research involved the development of a complex process engineering financial model and consumer choice experiments, which informed policy recommendations for this infant technology. He also advised other research projects in this space, looking at the economic feasibility and viability of various biomass and processes for biofuel production.