Angie Austin

Angie is a resource and environmental economist with over 20 years’ of postgraduate experience. She has worked across the public and private sector.

Prior to joining the team at NCEconomics as principal economist, Angie worked for the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, where she was involved in water resource management.

Her public sector career has also included roles in the Economic Regulation Authority in Western Australia, ABARES, and at the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). Her private sector work includes international work for the NGO sector, Queensland Resource Council, and consulting for Delta Pearl Partners (Associate).

A major focus of Angie’s work is the use of non-market valuation techniques, cost benefit analysis, economic and social impact assessments, business case preparation, and evaluation. She has applied these techniques to support decision-making across a range of sectors, including environment and sustainability, energy, extractive industries, and transport.

Angie is an accomplished project manager and has managed multi-disciplinary teams in Australia and overseas.