Joshua Tait

Josh began his career working as a water engineer after completing a double degree in civil engineering (Hons) and law (Hons). Whilst working as an engineer he focused on catchment and water resource management, waterway engineering, and program and policy evaluation. His experience as a water engineer provides him with an appreciation of the on-ground complexities of natural resource management and has skilled him with the tools to be an effective contributor in multi-disciplinary teams.

Thereafter he joined Natural Capital Economics. Since joining he has valued the ecosystem services of the mighty Ayeyarwady River Basin in Myanmar, undertaken a vulnerability assessment of Victoria’s economy to extreme heat and developed business cases for Australian funding programs of major water infrastructure projects. Presently, his focus is to prepare coastal communities within Australia for a changing climate. He collaborates with engineers and scientists to predict the medium to long term impact of coastal hazards (e.g. storm-tide inundation) on these communities and develops strategies to mitigate risk.

He continues to develop his ability to integrate the science and economics of managing natural capital, recently completing a graduate diploma in economics.