Neil Byron

Neil has provided independent, highly-credible and practical policy advice on natural resources – forestry, agriculture, fisheries, biodiversity and water resources – including 12 years as Productivity Commissioner, where he conducted a number of Regulation Impact Statements as part of the Office of Regulation Review. Subsequently, he has been engaged in a succession of part-time assignments involving policy formulation and/or evaluation of natural resource management policies, in Australia and overseas.

Neil has accumulated extensive experience in leading multi-disciplinary (e.g. economics, science, engineering, law), multi-stakeholder consultation processes that ask probing questions and make informed judgements about important and complex issues. This not only delivers the evidentiary basis for excellent technical advice, but also engages with (often very polarised) stakeholders in a way that facilitates acceptance and implementation of the solutions identified. Neil also has extensive experience in governance, and strategic and corporate planning that anticipates and identifies emerging trends, in both government and the private sector. He has published over 100 scientific papers, books, and chapters and has over 1000 academic citations, mainly in natural resources and environmental economics and policy.