Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategies

Cost-benefit analysis

NCEconomics, in partnership with Alluvium, have provided the economic analysis for a number of councils’ Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategies being delivered under the QCoast2100 program. This has involved undertaking high-level assessments to approximate the potential economic damage and loss due to coastal hazards. We have used a cost benefit analysis approach and tailored case studies to assess the costs and benefits. Findings from the economic assessments are being used to inform decisions around potential adaptation options.

This work has been undertaken for the following councils:

  • Douglas Shire Council
  • Burdekin Shire Council
  • Sunshine Coast Council
  • Gympie Regional Council
  • Redland City Council
  • Gladstone Regional Council
  • Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council
  • Burke Shire Council
  • Carpentaria Shire Council