Regional Water Assessments – Service Need Assessment

Cost-benefit analysis, Project

In 2020, Regional Development, Manufacturing and Water (RDMW) embarked on the development of Regional Water Assessments (RWA) for priority catchment areas in Queensland—Southern and Darling Downs, Bundaberg and Burnett and Tablelands—where a need has been identified to increase supply volumes and reliability to underpin economic development. As part of the RWA, NCEconomics were engaged to undertake a demand and service need assessment across the three regions.

This process for each region involved completing a demand assessment to identify water supply needs, conducting stakeholder analysis, documenting the service need, and the development of a benefits statement and register that provides line of sight to the outcomes sought under the RWA process.

The findings from the service need assessments are currently being considered in the next phases of the RWA for each region. To learn more about the RWA program, click here.