Integrating science and economics
Our business is focused on helping clients understand and resolve the most complex and pressing challenges related to climate change, energy and water resources, agriculture, waste and our natural environment.

We advise companies, institutions and governments on economics, strategy, policy and corporate public affairs management. Our specialist expertise gives our clients the highest level of confidence in the advice they receive.


Our core skills focus on addressing the policy, planning and economic dimensions of water within a natural resource management context. We are specialists in water-allocation decisions in complex socio-political and ecosystem settings such as the Murray Darling Basin and Great Barrier Reef. We especially understand the trade-offs associated with water quality and water supply challenges in both urban and rural settings.

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the most pressing environmental, social, and economic issues we face today. We work with our clients to understand the risks and costs associated with climate change and help them plan for adaptation. We also advise governments on efficient and effective climate change mitigation policy and uncover the associated opportunities and costs. We blend modelling, science and community expectations to help clients understand changing economic and environmental situations.


Energy systems are undergoing disruptive change all over the world. Technological development, climate change pressures and changing demand patterns are fundamentally altering the economics of energy. We help our clients understand the energy transition that is underway and related opportunities and costs. We have a deep understanding of the energy sector and advise governments at all levels on policy responses and implications of change.

Ecosystem Services

Using the latest science and economic thinking, we incorporate ecosystem service values into policy analysis and delivery. We help clients to plan and properly account for the social and economic benefits provided by ecosystem services in investment.


We help public and private entities make decisions that reinforce the long-term health of our environment and our economy. We incorporate best practice science and economics to advise on; green building, low-impact development, sustainable agriculture and sustainable water management. We protect our clients bottom line by looking around the corner to shareholder views on triple bottom line considerations.

Sustainable Agriculture

We regularly undertake projects analysing realistic market-driven opportunities for sustainable agricultural development. This includes demand-side considerations (e.g. demand drivers and growth prospects, prices, competitive advantage) and supply-side considerations (e.g. underpinning resources (soils, water, climate), supply chains, production and input costs). This work has been used to underpin State policy and planning, infrastructure investment, planning schemes and to understand the drivers of external impacts from agricultural development (e.g. diffuse water pollutants).


Waste management is a pressing problem, especially in areas where landfill sites are highly constrained and when dealing with hazardous waste. We have undertaken a number of projects on waste management (particularly in the South Pacific). This has included establishing waste management baselines, the identification of alternative waste management options (via cost benefit analysis), and economic and market analysis underpinning recycling strategies.

Public Policy and Governance

Through effective public policy governments can drive positive change and improve outcomes for our environment and the communities that rely on healthy ecosystems. We work with State and Federal governments to provide policy and governance advice that considers the ever-changing policy context.

Quantifying the Benefits and Costs

We support clients to understand and quantify costs and benefits associated with water and natural resource management investment. Our work directly supports business case development.


We are skilled at non-market valuation techniques suitable for the water and natural resource management sectors.

Non-structural Best Management Practices

We are experts in non-structural Best Management Practices as it relates to influencing water resources and natural resource management outcomes. Our people work to change behaviour through advising on government regulation, economic instruments and other institutional arrangements.